Daisy Wheel

The concept

After 60 years of experience and innovation with paint manufacturers and refinishers, Fillon Technologies is proud to present its new and original DAISY WHEEL mixing machine.

Utilising unequalled technology, the DAISY WHEEL includes three crucial paint preparation operations: product dosing, conservation and storage. With the benefit of automated colour preparation, refinishers can now focus on paint application.

Universal and intuitive software provides a complete management solution that strictly complies with the user’s colour specifications during the dosing and mixing phases of paint preparation, eliminating the need for any manual intervention. Due to the DAISY WHEEL’S unrivalled dosing accuracy of +/- 0.05g, colour preparation has never been more accurate or clean – limiting environmental damage and user health risks.

The DAISY WHEEL innovates storage by comprising the equivalent of one 1m3 classic mixing machine, opposed to the standard 4 machines needed. Revolutionary container packaging includes interior pouches (0,5l and 1l) that are fully airtight, thereby preventing the premature evaporation of components. This is combined with unprecedented sequential slow rotation (4/hr) that ensures the paint line is well preserved and ready to use!

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A revolutionary machine based on 4 concepts:


The DAISY WHEEL makes it possible to store the equivalent of one classic mixing machine – taking up less than 1m3 of space compared to classic machines which require about 4m3.


  • Soft mixing guarantees optimum paint preservation.
  • Continuous rotation maintains paint consistency and eliminates sedimentation by preventing the effects of gravity.
  • Continuous slow rotation of 4 rotations per hour eliminates all paint stress.


  • Innovative container packaging consisting of an interior pouch that prevents contact with the air and therefore eliminates premature evaporation of the paint components and ensures that users are exposed to fewer harmful emissions.


  • The DAISY WHEEL provides the most accurate automatic dosing available at +/- 0.05g, due to:
    • A specifically developed fast weighing cell that directly controls electromagnetic valves.
    • A computer software-controlled process with 10x more accuracy than classic methods.

Benefits of the DAISY WHEEL include:

  • Better usage of space within the mixing room.
  • Reduced quantities of inhaled solvents.
  • A more pleasant working environment.
  • Error-free dosing.
  • An unchanged colour mixer computer interface.
  • Automatic online updates.