Aydin Trafo ATV-22 – Air Screw Compressor

Aydin Trafo ATV-22 – Air Screw Compressor

Reduces power consumption and excessive absorption

Oil injected air screw compressors are equipped with a screw unit instead of regular pistons. Air is compressed by two rotating rotors between the lobs towards the outlet. Oil injected screw units consist of a rotor with an asymmetric helical profile, bearings and housing. Manufactured by state of art technology to provide maximum performance.

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How Does The Air Screw Compressor Work?

Filtered fresh air passes to the screw unit through the suction valve. Oil is injected into the screw unit to prevent rotors’ contacting each other during the compression. Oil-air mixture comes to the separator tank where the separation of air and oil occurs. Oil and air are separated in air up to 2-4 mg/m3 in the tank. The separated oil and air moves to the radiator. Cooled down air is then supplied to the air line and the oil goes back to the separator tank after it is filtered in the oil filter.

Air Screw Compressor with An Inverter Unit

Provides up to 35% less energy consumption and varies the power usage dependent on the air amount required for day-to-day usage. The inverter unit is included upon customer request and ranges from 15 kW to 250 kW.


  • Provides smooth take up and prevents excessive current absorption.
  • Less power consumption is needed as there is no unload (idle) operation.
  • Produces sufficient pressurized air according to the air needs of the plant and no more. Therefore the power consumption is far less than a regular compressor that would normally function at full power 24/7.