Items supplied:

1x Welding machine 400V incl. castors
1x 3G torch for steel welding, 3m
1x Set wire wheels for steel welding 0,8/1,0 mm
1x 3G torch for aluminium welding, 3m
1x Set wire wheels for aluminium welding 1,0/1,2 mm
1x Set nozzel (10 pcs)
1x Gas bottle holder for 2 x 50 litre
1x Ground cable
1x User manual

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  • Fully-functional consisting of two welding machines in one unit.
  • Delivers very high process reliability, ease of use and repair quality.
  • Can be operated easily and intuitively even while wearing gloves.
  • Meets the highest standards of product and manufacturing quality.
  • Provides proven worldwide service and support.
The new shielded arc welding units are the best solution because:
  • They enable expert quality repairs to be carried out on today’s vehicle bodies: They can be used to perform steel and aluminum welding, as well as MIG soldering according to Volkswagen standards. All three units feature tack-welding and intermittent fillet welding modes 2- and 4-cycle operations may be chosen).
  • Their wire feeds are equipped with four-roll drives to ensure even and consistent wire feeding.
  • They are a safe investment for workshop operators: Whenever new materials emerge that require welding, the necessary parameters for doing so may easily be added to the units via firmware updates.
  • They are convenient to use and time-saving: Their handling and operation are simple and intuitive. Changing their gas cylinders, coils and hose assemblies can be carried out quickly and easily. Selected parameters, such as current and voltage, can be documented.