U4 Auto Body Collision Repair Systems

U4 Auto Body Collision Repair Systems

The U4 Collision Repair System is designed for Express Body Shops and speedy repairs, allowing “drive-on-drive-off” with flexible operation and high efficiency.
The platform is spliced by a steel plate and rectangle tube through carbon dioxide welding for high strength and good rigidity.
The strong universal tower allows for an easy set-up and multi-angle pulling around the vehicle.

This system has a variable height adjustment which allows the technician to work at a comfortable height.
The principle clamp allows for the rapid and accurate anchoring of a variety of different vehicles.
Appropriate for the operating maintenance of small to medium cars


Technical parameters

  • Working platform length 3 440mm
  • Working platform width 850mm
  • Lifting height 120-1300mm
  • The max working pressure of hydraulic system 35MPa(5 000psi)
  • Working pressure of driving air source 0.6-0.8MPa
  • Max pushing force of hydraulic cylinder 5T
  • Power supply  AC220/380V50-60Hz
  • Max lifting weight 2 500kg
  • Total weight 1 300kg