Health & Safety Policy

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Y.E.S Health & Safety Responsibility

Health & Safety Responsibility

At Y.E.S, we put a lot of emphasis on health and safety and comply with all the necessary regulations. All our equipment complies with the highest international standards.

Accident prevention is an essential part of an efficient operation, and we are sincerely interested in the welfare of our employees. It is our policy that our safety rules are strictly observed at all times.

It is every employee’s responsibility for their own safety and accident prevention. All employees are expected to follow company rules and perform their work safely. At Y.E.S, we ensure that all relevant staff are provided with the correct training and safe work procedures to ensure the implementation of the Y.E.S safety program. Y.E.S has the corporate responsibility and authority for safety and accident prevention. Y.E.S provides a safe and healthy place of employment and abides by the regulations set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act no 85 of 1993.

Every employee is urged to co-operate with the policy and any abuse and violation of the policy will be dealt with appropriately.

Health and Safety Compliance

Before any project is started on a site, a risk assessment is conducted with the assistance of an external company, MSHEQ. Assessment of the possible hazards, the risks involved, and how to mitigate the risks are included.

These assessments include:

  • Complete health and safety file
  • Site-specific health and safety files
  • Planned Task Procedure
  • Risk assessments
Y.E.S Health & Safety Compliance

Employees receive extensive training in health and safety codes:


This includes relevant licenses for a cherry picker, forklift, firefighting, and first aid courses.


Employees are cleared to work if they are fit to do so and receive annual check-ups. All training is kept up to date and in accordance with the OHSA Act.


Our employees are trained at Working on Heights and Fall Protection assessments, which include scaffolding erection and site inspection training.


An annual review of the health and safety systems and the contents of the safety policy is conducted to ensure compliance with the relevant Health and Safety codes.

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