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Aykom Screw Compressor 11KW

Aykom Compressor

Product Description:

Oil injected air screw compressors are equipped with an airend instead of pistons. Air is compressed by two rotating rotors between two lobes towards the outlet.

Oil injected airend with asymmetric helical profile, bearings and housing are manufactured with state of the art technology to provide maximum performance.

Product Specifications: 

  • Special sound insulation
  • PLC control unit
  • Oil-air separator tank
  • Oil filter and thermostatic valve carrier
  • Aluminium radiators
  • High efficient cooling fans
  • Belt tensioning mechanism


Sound Insulation
Special fire-proof insulation sponges are used to isolate and sound-proof the compressors.

Dip Type Separator
Between our ATV-15 / ATV- 75 models, dip type separators are used. Dip type separators are separate oil from the air at a perfect level by their wide surface.

Special Tensioning System
All belt-driven models feature a special tensioning system that decreases transmission loss. The special tensioning system allows for easy adjustments to be made.

Poly-V Belt System
Poly-V belts are used in our all models. Grooves on the pulley side of the poly-V belt and the grooves on the pulley fit together and increase friction connection and minimise friction loss.

Separator Tank
With specially designed impact wings and partial construction features inside the separator tanks designed by our engineers, the function of the separator filter is reduced. Our tanks are manufactured in the AYDIN TRAFO plant and comply with CE standards.

Wide Radiator Surface
We select suitable radiators which can operate at every temperature for our compressors. The air temperature is kept at an optimum level by fans with high capacity and provides long operating life for compressors.


7 Bar1,70
10 Bar1,30
13 Bar1,10
Motor Power (kW/HP) 11/15
Volt/Phase (Phase/Tension) (dB)380/3
Noise Level69
Air Dish. DIA3/4″
Dimensions WxLxH (mm)643 x 818 x 865mm
Weight (kg)250

The units are measured according to the ambient inlet standard conditions ISO 1217 of 1 bar at 20°.