Aykom Vertical Air Receiver 2000LT 11

Aykom Compressor

Product Description

The Aykom Vertical Air Receiver is a 2000l air receiver that is compliant with CE standards regarding pressure tank manufacturing, quality and safety.

Perfect protection and durability with electrostatic powder coating.

Your safety is at the forefront with resistance tests up to 95 bar.
Faultless welding with automatic submerged arc welding technology.

Material: P265 GH / P355 GH (HII Boiler Plant)
Manufacturing Standard: 2009/105 / EC and 97/23 EC – 2014/68/ EU”


Volume (litres): 2000 
Diameter (mm): 1150 
Height: 2.4 
Working Pressure (Bar): 11 Bar 
Thickness: 6 
A 2″ 
B 1/2″ 
C 1″ 
D 1/2″ 
E 3/4″