Aykom Water Separator 10 M3

Aykom Compressor
Product information:
Water separators are designed for discharging water droplets in compressed air, gases, and particles.
Uninterrupted centrifugal force is created and waste is discharged with very little pressure difference, therefore, maximum energy saving is achieved. Aluminium body water separators of Aydin Trafo are offered to the customers in a wide product range up to 2200 m3/hour (1294 scfm) flow rate and ¼”-3” connection diameters.
Note: Aydin water separators are highly efficient, however, water separators cannot separate 100% of oil from the air. For this reason, filters necessary to separate water and oil particles remaining in the system should be used.
Note: It is supplied as standard in automatic discharge products. Inside and outside all products are painted with electrostatic powder paint.