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EVO 2 Extended Holding & Anchoring Kit


Product Description:

The Car-O-Liner EVO 2 – Extended Anchoring is the additional kit for EVO 1 Basic Anchoring and provides more equipment for anchoring, holding and side support during structural repairs.

EVO 2 includes two extra towers and track plates, special tools for the rear axle bracket, torque bar extensions and adjustable holders. It is the perfect addition to EVO 1 allowing you to more easily tackle advanced repairs.

The EVO range is a universal anchoring, holding and fixturing system. Each EVO system – 1, 2 and 3 – is made of an optimal number of components to be used alone or combined to securely handle every anchoring, holding and fixturing situation that enters your shop.

These universal kits work for every vehicle year, make and model so you never have to pay traditional fixture costs. A minimum number of components used together provide maximum benefit.