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Firat FBK 10 000 CV Prep Station


Product Description: 

The Firat FBK 10 000 Bus Paint Preparation Units use low-pressure air channels to prepare vehicles for painting.
Air is removed from the facility through a system that filters dust and other particles present in paint shops and removes them from the air.

Paint preparation units can either have extraction fan-motor units installed on the floor of the facility or can be installed underground through an excavated channel connected to the fans for airflow.

We can customise all preparation bays, mixing rooms, and spray booths according to your specifications.


Internal Dimensions  10200 x 4620 x 3970mm 
External Dimensions  10200 x 6120 x 4600mm 
 (Units are Included – On sides) 
Entrance Door  NO 
Quantity of Entrance door leaf  NO 
Service Door  NO 
 Top Lighting 56X36W 
Lower NO 
 Fan Motors 2 X 7,5 HP (5,5 KW) 
 Air Flow 36.000 m³/h – ILKE Fan 
Fresh Air and Heating Units   
Burner No 
 Exchanger No 
Exhaust Unit Fan Motors 2 X 7,5 HP (5,5 KW) 
Air Flow 36.000 m³/h – ILKE Fan 
Floor Filter  EU3 
Ceiling Filter  EU5 
Grates  1 Line Grates (Concrete Excavation project will be made.) 
Max.Weight  Without Metal Basement (With Tunnel) 
Metal Basement  NO 
Plenum  600mm 
Max. Electric Power  30 KW 
Panel Electric Voltage Power 380 volt 
Command 24 volt 
Chimneys  Belong to the customer!!!