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Firat FBK 7000 Spraybooth 18000 M3H


Product Description: 

A Painting and Drying Spraybooth is the structure where a vehicle is painted with a spray gun. It has a low-pressure air channel where the air is removed from the facility through a filtering system.

Paint stop filters remove various dust and particles from the air. The spray booth unit is equipped with fan-motor units that can be installed on the facility floor, with an entrance ramp at the front and a metal basement to connect to the air circulation units.


The auto painting and drying operation follows strict health and safety guidelines. It conforms to TSEK which is determined by the Quality conformity certificate no. 35 -14.02/1557 of 2001. Under Law no. 132 and TSE legislation, the “Production Compliance Certificate” has been approved. Analysis conducted by TUBITAK ENERGY SYSTEMS and ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH INSTITUTE ENVIRONMENT DIVISION, stated in report no. B.02.1BAK. and Project no. 51H2402, that FIRAT Auto Painting Spray Booths do not constitute any environmental pollution.

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Technical Specification






Internal Dimensions 

7000(L) X 4000(W) 2650(H) mm 

External Dimensions 

7200(L) X 4100(W) X 3400(H) mm 

(Units are excluded) 


Entrance Door 

3080 (W) X 2590 (H) mm 

Quantity of Entrance door leaf 

4 PCS 

Service Door 

800 (W) X 2127 (H) 


Top Lighting 





Lower Lighting 








Fan Motors 




7,5 HP (5,5 KW) 


Air Flow 

18.000 m³/h – ILKE Fan 



150.000 Kcal/h – Diesel burner 

Fresh Air and 



Heating Units 




Max.Drying Temperature 




60°C / 80°C 


Fan Motors 


Exhaust Unit 


5,5 HP (4 KW) 


Air Flow 

18.000 m³/h – ILKE Fan 

Floor Filter 



Ceiling Filter 








2 lines grates , 3 lines flat sheet 



500 kg/ Wheel 

Metal Basement 






Max.Electric Power 


15 KW 

Panel Electric 


380 volt 



24 volt 



Belong to the customer!!! 

Main Cabin

Side walls are made of galvanized sheet of 1 mm, with 40 mm glasswool insulation. In order to provide an ergonomic view and longer life, outside surface of the panels are painted with import static powder paint.

Our products have the illumination system which had been designed in order to optimise the color control during the painting phase.

In the spray booth, exists a hanger system with rails hanged up to the ceiling, which enables parts painting beside the automobile.

Ceiling; is the section which provides the homogeneous flow of the air coming from heat exchanger, through the plenum and filters.

Ceiling consists of sheet panels with special insulation support and in order to clean the air supplied to the booth, filter item made of non-flammable material, special high performance, long life is placed under the ceiling.

There are 3 doors in fron and at the back of the booth, and 1 door system for personel entry and exit. Door items have observation windows made of safety glasses. Thickness of the doors is 55 mm and insulated with 55 mm glasswool. All Windows include glasses.

Air Make-Up Unit

This unit supplies the filtered fresh air into the booth and throws the used air to utside during the painting. On the other hand, during drying it heats the air up to 60 °C and supplies into the booth, mix used air with fresh air in proportion of 10% (through the multi damper) and circulates it after re-heating.

Heating of air is provided by a diesel burner having a capacity of 150.000 kcal/h and an exchanger made of stainless steel sheet having 304 quality. First start up and rising the air temperature up to 60 °C takes aproximately 15 minutes, depending on outside weather conditions.

Delivery of the heated or not heated air into the booth or circulation of it is provided by two industrial type fans, each having the capacity of 18.000 m³ / h. In this unit air is delivered to the booth after filtered by a pre-filter. Additionally output air is controlled by a damper in the output air channel.

Electrical System

Electric and Command Panel

Panel in which the motors and devices in the enclosure of the proposal are operated and controlled from a central point in order to provide them to fulfill their functions.

Panel is made of GALVANIZED sheet and steel profiles, which are bump resistant, completely covered, water proof and damp proof.

 Panel shall include all switches and fuses necessary for motors and electrical devices, where appropriate signal lamps, thermic relay, contactor and clemences.


Command and control connections from electric panel to motors and other electrical devices shall be done with heatproof cables. Electric lines shall be placed on a basis so that formation and replacement is easy.

Ready to operate devices: 380 V.50 Hz. Voltage of control devices is 24 volt