Garryson Burr – Ball Nosed Tree


Product Description:

The Garryson Burr-Ball Type is used for chamfering on aluminium and various soft metals and has excellent stock removal properties with very large chip sizes.


  • Rapid stock removal on a non-ferrous material e.g. Aluminium & soft plastics.


Features & Benefits

  • Specifically developed cutting geometry:
  • Allowing raid stock removal on non-ferrous and plastic materials.
  • Avoiding clogging
  • Ensures smooth cutting operaation
  • CNC machined – high consistent quality
  • Manufactured to strict quality control standards – incorporates 100% inspection of brazed joints
  • Combination of ATA air tool with aluminium cut geometry
  • Giving a guaranteed smoother grinding operation

Industry Target

  • Aerospace
  • Automative
  • Railway
  • Marine
  • Foundries
  • Die & Mold
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas