Hazet Plastic Hammer 1953-40


Product Description: 

The Hazet Plastic Hammer is perfectly suited for woodworking and automotive applications with a special steel ball filling. This hammer is designed to deliver enough force to dislodge parts and fix dents without damaging the workpiece. It can be used to knock things around without marring the surface, which is useful when you’re fitting two pieces of wood together or knocking out a car dent.

  • Non-rebound due to steel ball filling in the centre part of the hammerhead and the special material of impact heads
  • Replaceable hammerheads made of polyurethane,
    non-spalling and non-crumbling
  • Gentle and careful working
  • Abrasion-proof, long service life
  • PVC handle, resistant to oil and gasoline
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions / length: 305 mm
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Net weight: 0.81 kg

Technical Data

  • Diameter : 40 mm
  • Length : 305 mm
  • Net weight : 0.805 kg
  • Total length : 305 mm