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Nova-UV S: Rechargeable Led Flood Light


Product Description:
NOVA-UV S is an extremely powerful and slim LED UV curing lamp with a long operation time for fast curing of larger cure areas.

NOVA-UV S is supplied with a solvent-resistant glass lens, and the housing is made of sturdy die-casted aluminium and resistant to strokes, shocks, and vibrations.

NOVA-UV S is supplied with a built-in timer system of 1 to 5 minutes and a battery indicator. No heat is produced on the panel or the paint during the curing, allowing the use on plastic parts and other heat-sensitive materials.

Due to the flexible bracket with strong magnets, NOVA-UV S can be placed in different positions to obtain the desired UV cure angle.

NOVA-UV S is ergonomically designed for a good grip on the handle and is super easy to carry, making it the perfect handheld UV light for curing.