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Point X Measuring System


Product Description:
The Car-O-Liner PointX II is a hand-held & operated measuring tool. It derives its strength from new generation technologies, both in the hand-held measuring arm and the software. The PointX II measuring tool gives fast and accurate diagnostic measuring so that you can start, and complete, the repair faster than ever before.

The lightweight, efficient and easy-to-use measuring arm combined with Car-O-Data®, the world’s most comprehensive vehicle database, gives you an affordable measuring system that allows you to accurately and quickly target measuring points.


  • Full range of adapters for all vehicles
  • Vision2 – PointX Software
  • One-year subscription to Car-O-Data is included
  • Lockable high-quality case.


Features And Benefits

Car-O-Liner’s Vision2 – PointX, compatible with the PointX II measuring tool, is a photo-based software that helps the technician quickly and accurately find the correct measuring points and performs automatic centring, measuring and documentation. They are designed so that you can work faster! With its intuitive workflow, and easily followed interface featuring state-of-the-art graphics, learning to use the Vision2 – PointX II is easy. All these features working together contribute to reduced cycle times and give a more efficient diagnosis. Vision2 – PointX, is integrated with Car-O-Data®, the world´s largest vehicle measurement database featuring data for PointX II with over 8,000 measured vehicles.

Technical Specifications

Minimum P2P (with adapter)300 (740) mm
Maximum P2P (with adapter)1400 (2000) mm
Height (inc. Inclinometer)584,2 mm
Weight0.9 kg
Horizontal adapterYes
Battery service life8 hours during typical usage