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SATA® dry jet 2™, blow gun to reduce drying time of waterborne paints


Product Description:

Water-based paints are prevalent in modern paint shops today. These paints typically have longer drying times compared to solvent-based systems, resulting in extended occupancy of painting booths and  decreased productivity. The SATA Dry Jet 2 Dry Blow Spray Gun offers a solution to significantly reduce drying times and cabin occupancy.

The SATA Dry Jet 2 Dry Blow Spray Gun utilizes the Venturi principle, which draws in not only compressed air but also a multiple of ambient air. For example, when 270 Nl/min of compressed air is supplied, the system yields approximately 2,700 Nl/min, directly used for drying. In addition to the substantial air volume, a uniform and wide air flow is crucial for reducing ventilation time, achieved through the new wide-jet nozzle’s injector zone. Compared to standard models, it delivers about 15% higher drying performance.



  • Accelerated drying of surfaces painted with waterborne materials
  • Reduced cycle times in the spray booths
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy handling
  • Versatile use to four practical versions