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SATA® Econoline 1.0 Spray Gun, 0.6ltr QCC reusable plastic cup, without swivel joint


Product Description:

Experience the Econoline 1.0, the versatile paint spray gun that’s designed to enhance your medium and small paint jobs. With its adjustable round/flat spray capability, it offers precision and ease for a variety of applications.

What makes the Econoline 1.0 stand out is its outstanding performance, even when using low-performance air sources. Crafted from top-grade aluminum and anodized for durability, this spray gun is built to last.

The Econoline 1.0 is the ideal choice for a wide range of projects, including painting with paints, lacquers, and various liquid media. It can handle viscosities of up to 100 seconds (depending on the nozzle size), as measured using the DIN 4-viscosity cup.

Please note that this spray gun is not suitable for use with abrasive, acidic, or benzine-containing materials. Choose the Econoline 1.0 for reliable and efficient painting results every time.


  • A cost-effective paint spray gun designed for applying filler and various materials.
  • Robust construction with exceptional atomization capabilities.
  • Simple and effortless cleaning of the gun’s surface.
  • Outstanding engineering and use of high-quality materials.

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1.3 Nozzle, 1.6 Nozzle, 1.8 Nozzle