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SATAjet® X 5500 RP Nozzle set, O-nozzle


Product Description:
The SATAjet X 5500 features the new X-nozzle system – a futuristic application technology!  Both proven application technologies, namely HVLP and RP, remain available, but now you have the additional choice between “I” and “O”-nozzle sets.

“O”-nozzles have an oval-shaped spray fan pattern with a larger dry zone and a wet core to accommodate increased application speed at the expense of slightly less application control during the painting process. The film build per coat in comparison to an “I”-nozzle is
slightly higher.

  • Oval-shaped spray fan with larger dry zone
  • Wet core for increased application speed
  • Film build per coat slightly higher compared to the “I”-nozzle

In order to attain the perfect spray pattern without making any compromises, it is essential to consider numerous factors beyond just ambient temperature and humidity. Factors such as the specific coating material and its suitable additives, the dimensions of the object to be painted, the recommended film thickness, as well as individual painting techniques like application speed and control, all play a pivotal role in determining the appropriate nozzle size.

*Please strictly observe the recommendations of the paint manufacturer


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1.1 Nozzle, 1.2 Nozzle, 1.3 Nozzle, 1.4 Nozzle

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