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Speed Chassis Straightening Bench


Product Description:

The Car-O-Liner Speed Chassis Straightening Bench and Lift with a 5-ton pull capacity is one of the most effective lighter-weight benches on the market, there isn’t much that this bench can’t tackle in the way of cosmetic damage repair.

It only takes a few seconds to set up, and it has a convenient draw aligner which can be turned 180º around the platform at one end and tilted 90º horizontally. Once pulling begins the draw aligner finds the correct position. For more pulling power there is the Speed™ Plus bench, which allows the attachment of two draw aligners, one at either end.


  • Speed bench + lift
  • T607 Power unit
  • Speed extension
  • D20 Speed draw aligner
  • D162 Pump + Cylinder
  • B660 Speed Bench Parts


Features And Benefits

  • 5-ton draw aligner — 360º multi-angle pulling quick set-up time increases workshop capacity.
  • Low profile — Roll/drive the vehicle over the bench and get started right away on the repair.
  • Versatile — handles most types of sheet metal and cosmetic damage repair.
  • Single setup — the entire repair job can be completed using one bench, shortening cycle times and increasing profits.
  • Two models — Speed 3T or the longer Speed Plus 3T, bring versatility to your repair shop, both are also available in Grey.
  • Ergonomic design — easily reach damaged areas.
  • Two types of installation, above or in-ground, give versatility to complete damage repairs as well as light service or repair work.
  • The small footprint makes it the perfect addition to any type of repair/service shop
  • Accurate real-time measuring when used with the Car-O-Tronic® measuring system and the
  • Car-O-Data® vehicle measurement database

Technical Specifications

Length2510 (98.8)2883 (113.5)
Width766 (30.15)766 (30.15)
Max. height (floor to top of platform)1600 (63)1600 (63)
Min. height104 (4.1)104 (4.1)
Work Area Size3600 x 2966 (141.7×116.7)5064 x 2966 (119.4×116.8)
Total weight, lift + work platform kg (lbs)550 – 600 (1212 – 1322)550 – 600 (1212 – 1322)
Lift capacity (max. vehicle weight) kg (lbs)3000 (6614)3000 (6614)


Pulling force per draw aligner tons (lbs)5 (11000)5 (11000)
Hydraulic pressure on lift bar (psi)290 (4200)290 (4200)
Air connection pressure max bar (max psi)10 (145)11 (145)
Sound level db(A)Below 70Below 71
Electrical cable length m (in)4 (157.48)5 (157.48)
Hydraulic hose length7 (275.5)8 (275.5)
Cable to control box m (in)10 (393.7)11 (393.7)
Power230/400 V, 3 ph, 50Hz / 220V, 1 ph, 50/60Hz