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Sykes Pickavant – Body Repair Set – General Kit


Sykes Body Repair Set Specifications:

  • Comprehensive panel beating kit containing 5-panel beating hammers, 5 dollies, 3 spoons, and body blade holder.
  • Suitable for performing most panel beating and body repair tasks.
  • Supplied in a steel case,

Comprehensive panel beating kit

Sykes-Pickavant has been manufacturing and distributing tools since 1921. Until recently, the company was owned by Facom Tools and the Stanley Corporation. Now, once again it is an independently owned company, fully responsible for its development. The Sykes-Pickavant brand is well known worldwide as a guarantee of quality products, services, and real value for money. Sykes-Pickavant is a UK market leader in the supply of Specialist Automotive Tools and Hand Held Diagnostic Equipment.


Tools Included

  • 52800 Panel Beater Shrinking Flat Face
  • 56200 Panel Beater Light Bumping Crowned Face
  • 56500 Panel Beater Straight Pein and Finish Crowned Face.
  • 56600 Panel Beater Pick and Finishing Crowned Face
  • 53100 Rubber Faced Mallet
  • 55201 Utility Dolly
  • 54301 Thin Curved Dolly
  • 55801 Heavy Toe Dolly
  • 55001 Grid Toe Dolly
  • 57300 Pry/Surfacing Spoon
  • 57400 General Purpose Spoon
  • 57800 Angled Surface Spoon
  • 57100 Adjustable File Blade Holder
    with 9TPI Body Blade.