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UV-Gun: Led Light For UV Curing


Product Description:
UV-GUN is an extremely powerful LED UV curing lamp for highly efficient and very fast curing of large paint repair areas. It provides a long operation time and is rechargeable with an exchangeable battery.

SCANGRIP has taken advantage of new, high-performance battery technologies and invented an innovative concept of flexible and reliable power supply. Easily you can insert a new, fully charged battery and continue the work while another battery is charging.

Featuring high-quality components and active cooling, UV-GUN has a long life and keeps a high-performance level throughout daily operations. No heat is produced on the panel or the paint during the curing, allowing the use on plastic parts or any heat-sensitive material.

UV-GUN has been upgraded with an LCD display enabling you to see the remaining battery level and ongoing curing time. With this feature, you will know the exact curing time of each operation and see when it is time to exchange the battery.