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UV-Light: Rechargeable LED Work Light


Product Description:
UV-LIGHT is a flexible and rechargeable LED UV light designed for fast curing of small and medium cure areas.

UV-LIGHT is a very handy lamp and easy to carry in a pocket or in the work belt with the built-in clip. The turnable and sturdy hook and strong built-in magnet enable you to place the UV curing lamp anywhere you wish.

The lamp is equipped with a tiltable 180° lamp head and a solvent-resistant, exchangeable glass lens. The included charging base makes charging easier than ever. With the intelligent battery indicator on the front, you will always be informed about the battery level.

The ergonomic design and shape provide a comfortable grip making it the perfect handheld UV light for curing.

The UV curing lamp can be used for curing plastic parts and other heat-sensitive materials, due to no heat being produced on the panel during the curing process.