Welding Blanket 2x2m


Product Description:

A welding blanket is a piece of safety equipment designed to protect equipment and the welder while welding. A welding blanket typically consists of a layer of flexible protective material containing unexpanded vermiculite and inorganic heat resistant fibrous material

  • Black fire blanket(Carbon felt mat)
  • 5mm x 2m x 30m
  • 100% Pyron
  • 700g±20g/m
  • 5mm


Hazard Rating

Physical characteristics

  • Boiling Point : N/A
  • Vapour Pressure : N/A
  • Vapour Density : N/A
  • Specific Gravity : Greater than or equal to 1.35g/cc
  • Melting point : N/A
  • Evaporation Rate : N/A
  • Solubility In Water : Insoluble
  • Appearance And Odor : Black and odorless Fibre

Fire and explosion hazard Data

  • Flashing point N/A
  • Flammable Limits N/A
  • Extinguishing Media Normal Firefighting procedures.
  • Special Firefighting Procedures : Self-Contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing
  • Unusual Fire & Explosion Hazards :
  • Preox is inherently flame resistant. Exposure to flame will produce low levels of HCN, NH3, CO, CO2 and Acrylonitrile