Wielander and Schill Shielded Arc Welding Machine

WS Wieländer+Schill

Product Description: 

The new premium shielded arc welding device VAS 821 003 is OEM approved and is the best solution for car body repair shops:

• It enables expert quality repairs on modern vehicle bodies
• It can be used to perform steel and aluminium welding, as well as MIG soldering according to
Volkswagen standards
• The premium welding device features tack-welding and intermittent fwelding modes;
2- and 4-cycle operations can be chosen
• The wire feeds are equipped with four-roll drives to ensure consistent wire feeding
• It is a safe investment for workshop operators – whenever new materials emerge that require
welding the necessary parameters for doing so can easily be added to the units via firmware updates
• It is convenient to use and time-saving and the handling and operation is simple and intuitive
• Changing gas cylinders, coils, and hose assemblies can be carried out quickly and easily


Items Supplied

1x Welding machine 400V (200V) incl. castors
1x 3G torch for steel welding, 3m
1x Set wire wheels for steel welding 0,8 / 1,0 mm
1x 3G torch for aluminium welding, 3m
1x Set wire wheels for aluminium welding 1,0 / 1,2 mm
1x Set nozzle ( 10 pcs)
1x Gas bottle holder for 2x 20 litre
1x Ground cable
1x User manual