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Wielander & Schill IP7-2 Act Mig/Mag Welder

WS Wieländer+Schill

Gas-Shielded Welder for steel and aluminium welding – approved by Honda and Tesla

This welding machine has a very simple, self-explanatory, and intuitive operation – 2-button handling.

Equipped with a robust, industry-compliant, powder-coated sheet steel housing, 2×4-roller drive with extra-large 37mm drive rollers for a large welding wire drive support surface for optimum wire feed.

Ergonomic torch removal and narrow housing construction ensure efficient use in any body shop.

Optional with connection for Push/Pull hose package and front-wheel spacer (item N° 337236) for the use of 2x 50 litre gas bottles.

Tested and approved by:
Honda | Acura | Tesla

*differentiation in look (colour, labeling, etc.) and scope of delivery

Also available in 3x220V configuration – item N° 332026 (steel / brazing kit)  and 332027 (steel / ALU kit)