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Wielander & Schill Metal Edge Cutter VAS882005

WS Wieländer+Schill

Pneumatic tool for the body shop professional

The ALL-IN-ONE tool is used for the secure cutting of the car body’s outer skin. This product is outstanding when used on doors, boot edges, mudguards, and roof edges. The Wielander & Schill Metal Edge Cutter pneumatic milling cutter tool has been designed to open welding seams for the easy removal of outer panels. The adjustable guide of the cutter allows the Wielander & Schill Metal Edge Cutter to be easily adjusted to different angular positions of the metal sheets, thus preventing the cutter from slipping off the edge, resulting in no damages.

Tested and approved by: Audi* | VW* | Porsche* | Lamborghini* | SEAT* | ŠKODA* | Jaguar Land Rover | Bentley* | Bugatti* | Honda | Hyundai | Aston Martin | Kia