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Wielander & Schill Xpress JLR Workstation

WS Wieländer+Schill

Product Description: 

  • Innovative XLogic pressure monitoring guarantees process reliability
  • Integrated compressed air tank in a tubular frame
  • Press force from 10 – 80 kN
  • Tractive force up to 80 kN (only in conjunction with BR80 blind rivet adapter, available as an optional accessory)
  • Complete pneumatic system
  • 100% compatible with XPress modules/system.

Items supplied

1x Workstation incl. XLogic
1x Short stroke cylinder SSC 40 mm
1x XPress Power Pack
1x Blind rivet adapter BR 20
1x Blind rivet adapter BR 50
1x Tool Box RS-06 (JLR)
1x Blind rivet nut adapter BRN 50
1x Tool Box RS-04 (BRN 50)
1x C-Arm GC 80/40
1x C-Arm GC 80/120
1x C-Arm GC 140/240
1x Compressed-air spiral hose 4 m