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WS Roller-Spinner with 4/5 Rim Bolt Circle

WS Wieländer+Schill

Product Description:

The WS Roller-Spinner is a versatile tool designed to streamline vehicle manoeuvring in workshops and showrooms. It offers several key advantages over traditional steel wheels.

The WS Roller-Spinner is cast in one piece, eliminating the risk associated with steel wheels. While its lightweight design, weighing 40% less than steel, makes it significantly easier to handle. The robust 10mm steel core and universal rim pattern ensure compatibility with high-impact wrenches
and prevent over-torquing.

The WS Roller-Spinner also serves as an effective replacement for painting wheels. Its compact size and efficient design are well-suited for smaller businesses, addressing the challenges of storage and logistics associated with bulky painting wheels.

The WS Roller-Spinner functions as a universal spare wheel and it allows to effortlessly push or pull unloaded electric vehicles, vehicles with disabled brakes, or parked vehicles. Unlike traditional moving aids, the WS Roller-Spinner performs exceptionally well on uneven surfaces like gravel or pavement, thanks to its rotating inner ring. With a maximum speed of 8 km/h, it allows you to move vehicles around the workshop efficiently.