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Y.E.S 13000A C-Gun Inverter Spot Welder


Product information

FY-16DC air-cooled spot welder adopts the most advanced SEMIKRON IGBT inverter with dual full-bridge soft switching circuit technology providing quality spot welds with all-new high-strength steels.

The spotter features a large 5” LCD monitor and PET hot press formed control panel that is capable of displaying welding material, time, power, and thickness of various welding modes. Easy to learn how to use. Sophisticated circuitry ensures the highest accuracy in reading data.

The core components are imported from European premium brands to enhance overall performance and for quality assurance. FY-16DC inverter stop welder with double-sided C-type gun keeps you in pace with the world.


  • Input voltage: AC 380V 50/60Hz
  • Input power: 30KVA
  • Input current: 32A
  • Max welding current: 16000A
  • Max output power: 80KVA
  • One-side welding thickness: 1.0+1.5mm
  • Two-side welding thickness: 3.0+3.0+3.0mm
  • Maximum spot weld nugget: 7mm
  • Operation way: Electronic timer continuity (Multi-pulsed)
  • Inverter frequency: 2000Hz
  • Welding time: 0-700ms(Multi-pulsed)