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Firat FBK MBUS 7000 Prep Station


Product Description: 

A paint preparation unit with low-pressure air channels where pre-painting operations are completed. Air is removed from the facility through a filtering system.

Paint stop filters remove various dust and particles from the air. The paint preparation unit is equipped with fan-motor units that can be installed on the facility floor with an entrance ramp at the front and a metal basement to connect to the air circulation units.


The auto painting and drying operation follow strict health and safety guidelines. It conforms to TSEK which is determined by the Quality conformity certificate no. 35 -14.02/1557 of 2001. Under Law no. 132 and TSE legislation, the “Production Compliance Certificate” has been approved. Analysis conducted by TUBITAK ENERGY SYSTEMS and ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH INSTITUTE ENVIRONMENT DIVISION, stated in report no. B.02.1BAK. and Project no. 51H2402, that FIRAT Auto Painting Spray Booths do not constitute any environmental pollution.

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  • All preparation bays, mixing rooms, and spray booths can be customised according to your requirements.  Please contact us for more information.  


External Dimension: 7200 x 3626 x 3200mm 

Internal Dimension: 8600 x 3626 x 3940mm(dimension of the unit are included). 

Ceiling Lighting: 10×3*36W. 

Motor Power: 5,5KW 

Air flow rate: 18000m^3/h. 

Exhaust(Fan motor:7,5kw;air flow rate:7,5Kw) 

Grates:2 lines 5mm 



It provides ease of installation thanks to its interlocking form. The insulation between the panels keeps the vibration and heat loss to a minimum and provides an economical and comfortable environment.


It is designed to change ceiling filters easily.


You can work safely with our 500 kg load-bearing gratings.


Easy to install thanks to its rigid structure. There are 4 sight glasses. It provides perfect sealing thanks to its insulated structure and special design gasket.

Air Flow / Heater / Lighting

Downward descent, generally considered to be the best air flow style, is an excellent method for paint application. The air flows vertically from the plenum on the car to the filter on the ground.


304 Quality (309 Quality Optional) stainless steel sheet, based on the principle of İlke Industrial Inc. Product heat exchangers provide homogenous heat transfer. FBK6000-FBK7000 has 150.000 Kcal / h Burner and Heat Exchanger capacity.


Firat paint booths allow the staff who apply paint with angled ceiling lighting to move freely around the vehicle with less light interaction. Fluorescent luminaires, virtually without shadow, create a perfect environment for color matching and precise application of the paint. FBK 6000 4X36 Watt 8 Pcs Standard Lighting FBK 6000 3X18 Watts 11 Side Lighting (Optional) FBK 7000 4×36 Watt 10 Pcs Standard Lighting FBK 7000 3×18 Watts 13 Side Lighting (Optional)


Energy saving is provided by the R & D Unit, which is specially developed for paint booths. With its calculated luminous flux, it provides a shadow-free, perfect lighting environment. FBK 6000 1X70 Watt 8 Pcs Policy Led Panel (Optional) FBK 6000 1X70 Watts 6 Units Policy Led Panel (Optional) FBK 7000 1×70 Watt 10 Pcs Policy Led Panel (Optional) FBK 7000 1×70 Watts 9 Pcs Policy Led Panel (Optional)


All Euphrates Paint booths use PLC controlled panels as standard. Our Control System Your paint booth allows you to easily control every stage, to help your paint processes.

  • Main Line Supply Voltage: 380V 50 Hz.
  • Control: 24V AC / DC
  • Max. Electric Power: 15Kw



  • Standard User Friendly Interface
  • Standard 7inc 65536 Color Touch Panel
  • Standard PLC Control System
  • Standard Water Solvent Based Process Manager
  • Self-Diagnostics to Help Your Standard Work Problems
  • Standard 11 Language Support (Turkish, English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian, Romanian)
  • Standard Trend Chart
  • Optional Automatic Pressure Control
  • Optional Remote Control Software Update
  • Solutions to Optional Different System Applications


The principle fluorescent luminaire is designed as a flameless lighting provider in the products produced by the Principle Industrial Paint Systems and Automation Inc. Design standards EN 60079-0: 20103-06 / EN 60079-1: 2007 / EN 60079-31: 2010-11 Protection class IP65 II 3GD EEX nA II T4 T80 ° C D. Operating temperature (-20 / + 80 ° C)


Energy saving is provided by the R & D Unit and paint booths with special LED lighting application. With its calculated luminous flux, it provides a shadow-free, perfect lighting environment. 1 Panel Led 70W.