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Firat Mix Room 3260mm x 2670mm


Technical information:

Dimensions: 3260 x 2670mm x 2650mm
Entrance door: 800mm x 2180
Installation: Freestanding (stand-alone) or may be attached to a spray booth


FIRAT Mix Rooms are constructed with single-skin, DX51Z Galvanised Steel. Double-skinned isolated panels can be applied according to your customer’s needs.


Pre-punched booth panels and nut-and-bolt assembly help the process of installing the FIRAT mix room.

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  • All preparation bays, mixing rooms, and spray booths can be customised according to your requirements.  Please contact us for more information.  


FIRAT mix room floor has 30 mm metal basement which provides for the establishment on a stable surface helps to stand by the panels.

Package Type

Each FIRAT Paint Mixing Room comes as diaassembled including complete set as panels , lighting fixtures and tubes, fan, unit, filters, and installation layout.

Air Circulation

The airstream moving through the booth collects the particules and transports them to the filtration medium. EU3 paint stop filters are used in extraction cells.

Personnel Access Door

FIRAT Paint Mix Rooms come standard with one personnel access door with anti- panic lock system and with an observation window. Glass type can be done as tempered according to customer choice.

Superior Lighting

FIRAT Mix Rooms flightening system integrated as 3-tube x 36 watt.

Fans & Motors

FIRAT Mix Rooms include a OBR200 1500 M3/H Centrıfugal Fan.

Extraction Type

Semi-down draft system, a homogenous extraction system