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Kamatec Bend-It 2.0


Our patented bending machine.

The Bend-it System is a patented tool for bending, which includes a special pneumatic impact hammer as well as different slip-on pillows to bend sheets on cars in a new and easy way. Regarding the innovative relevance this System impresses due to its easy and fast usage. With only one operation, you are able to bend a sheet, like the wheel house of a car. You can do this in only a few minutes and without big expenditures of energy. The Bend-it impact hammer drives the sheet in the fold of the pillow and pushes itself by strokes and vibrations. In order to work more practica- ble and easier, there are several types of pillows with a different profile and diameter depending on form and the feature of the car sheet. By using the Bend-it system, which is a totally new way to repair, you have a more cost-effective, sustainable and easier repair on car sheets like door leaves and wheel houses.