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Kamatec Fastdrill


Product Description: 

Fastdrill is an award-winning spot weld drilling machine.

FASTDRILL is designed to remove spot welds — even in high-tensile steels. During the development of Fastdrill, a pneumatic and mechanic adjustable feed have been combined.

This combination increases the contact pressure of the drill from 60 kg up to 240 kg. Standard devices generate a pure pneumatic contact pressure of 150 kg max.

Another patented innovation is that Fastdrill only starts drilling once the drill is in contact with the surface and placed in the correct position. This is especially important in the usage of carbide drills because they are extremely strong (3100 Vickers).

The Fastdrill is suitable for high-tensile and normal steel. The life of carbide, normal and HSS drill bits are significantly increased.