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Stucchi Articulated Arm 6m


Product Description:

The Stucchi Articulated arms are used to support and allow for the easy handling of multifunctional hexagons.

Available from YES in two different lengths, the B5 (5 metres) and B6 (6 metres) these arms are used to support and enable the handling of multifunctional hexagons (EM, EMS-T and ESM-PT) according to the needs of operators. Also available in 7-metre length upon request.

The arms are wall-mounted using a support bracket and allow operators to reach a working position within five to seven meters, with 180° rotation. This eliminates the need for electrical cables, compressed air pipes and suction pipes.

There are several options available to integrate into the arms, simply contact our friendly Y.E.S. technicians for assistance in finding the best product that suits your specific needs.

Main Features:

  • Radius of operation = 180°
  • Weight = 90kg (arm only)
  • Overall length = 6 metres