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Wielander & Schill InvertaSpot GT Press & Go

WS Wieländer+Schill

Inverter Spot Welding Machine 400V

InvertaSpot GT: Press & GO Spot welder with Inverter Technology – high quality. Developed consequently according to specifications on process stability.

Automatic function in standard-mode – Expert mode, and manual mode.

Optional Extras:

Wielander & Schill c-arm no. 4: c-transformer welding gun

Wielander & Schill c-arm no. 3: c-transformer welding gun

Wielander & Schill dressing file for electrode caps: Invertaspot GT Automatic

Wielander & Schill electrode caps remover

Wielander & Schill electrode caps Ø16

Wielander & Schill electrode caps set – 16 pieces Ø16

*differentiation in look (colour, labelling, etc.) and scope of delivery