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Wielander & Schill Roll & Flanging Tool

WS Wieländer+Schill

Product Description:

Car Body Repair

A tool used by experts in car body repairs for rolling and flanging body panels and wheel arches.

Developed in conjunction with OEMs.

Technical Data

Gross weight:7.12kg
Length:3,5 m (power cord)
Size:171 x 80 x 272mm
Output:70 W
Torque max.:12 Nm
Rotational speed:40 U/min.
Frequency:50-60 Hz
Supply voltage:110-220 V


Delivery Contents

  • 1 x RFW 2000 unit incl. power supply unit 230V/110V
  • 1 x roller no.1
  • 1 x roller no.2
  • 1 x roller no.3
  • 1 x wheel arch unit
  • 1 x allen key 6,0×100 incl handle
  • 1 x working instructions
  • 1 x tranport case